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Jeane Dixon, 79, nationally known as a psychic and astrologer and whose daily horoscope and predictions column was read by millions, died.
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Dixon later claimed that she had specifically predicted this tall young man would be assassinated, but that Parade editors deleted this part from the story. But Dixon also made many other predictions that were wildly off the mark. She predicted that the Soviets would beat the United States to the moon.

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She predicted that cancer would be cured by In perhaps her strangest prophecy, she predicted that a baby descended from the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti would be born in the Middle East in and grow up to usher in an era of world peace--until he turned out to be the Anti-Christ.

Her forecasts grew so unreliable that one of her most prominent clients, astrology buff Nancy Reagan, concluded that Dixon had lost her powers and shifted to a rival astrologer, Joan Quigley, who provided advice while she and her husband were in the White House. Still, none of Dixon's seemingly wacky predictions seem to have shaken Nixon's faith. White House tapes show Woods who died in January at the age of 87 provided Nixon with Dixon briefings on a wide range of subjects, covering such matters as the Panama Canal, nuclear arms talks with the Soviets Dixon thought arms negotiator Paul Nitze "could be a double agent" and the president's prospects during the Watergate crisis.

June may be worse than May. But everything will turn out fine," Woods told Nixon on May 14, The president also had at least one documented Oval Office meeting directly with Dixon--a minute session on May 4, The tape of that meeting may provide insight into why the president was so keen to hear her forecasts.

In the meeting, also attended by her acolyte, Woods, Dixon tells the president in an excited voice how she had just met with antiwar protesters who were gathering in Washington. She told how she had recounted to the protesters what happened during her first international interview in She was asked about "a young man that God was gonna make great. Then 10 days later it started to come to her. He's here now to lead us to Christ, the prince of the universe.

While Congress was fighting with Nixon, the bickering could end, Dixon said.

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And it happens to be Nixon. By James Dempsey. In the late s, a rumor spread around campus that nationally syndicated astrologer Jeane Dixon had predicted an axe murder in a college dormitory overlooking a Jesuit cemetery at a Catholic college. The murder was supposed to take place in Bee , investigated the rumor in a Crusader piece published Oct.

A spokesperson for Dixon's syndicate told him that no such prediction had been made. Day did manage to trace a similar rumor to Georgetown University, where a mass murder in a dormitory overlooking the Jesuits' cemetery had been predicted. Folklore expert Professor Bronner says that such unfounded rumors of mass murder are quite common. Still, the rumor at Holy Cross inspired one Mount St.

Jeane L. Pinckert Dixon

It was a joke, Carol. Actually, Dixon had her own mass-produced card game. Win some, lose some. Charlene yes she did this was her prediction and remember I wrote President Nixon was also very aware of her predictions and called her to the oval office.

謎: 世紀最偉大的預言家 Jeane Dixon

But also remember nobody has to take action on a prediction it is not considered fact. William I have no idea but I think it will hit the news when the time comes just like the Mayan Calendar is hitting the news now. I wonder why so many make predictions about the end of the world? They always end up with egg on their face. I enjoy your series, though Im not a believer. No one knows when the end will come except for the Father. That's biblical. I do believe that. Still, this is a very well written and interesting article.

I wonder if she ever warned President Kennedy that he was going to die on the day he did? I hear these predictions after the fact but never remember their predictions before an event. Do you remember hearing predictions of things that happened before they happened and did they do their civic duty to warn anyone who might be hurt or killed?

I'm asking because I've never knew of any. I assume most people reading this series do not believe but I find the topic fascinating from the psychological perspective. You have an interesting series going here, Caol, even if I do not personally believe in astrology and the like.

Early life

I followed Jeane by daily column in local newspapers when I was a teen to grown woman with a family. She seemed to be more correct than not. Well done!

Jeane Dixon And Prophecy - Christian Research Institute

William I was really taken with her I believed everything she said and she was right many times, I was also only about 16 to 24 at the time. I bought an estate once, and one of Jeane Dixon's books was in there. I wonder what Dixon's final batting average was for predictions?

Probably not very good.

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