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Gemini may want to be in the mix among fabulous people, and the crab craves intimate spaces and loves home most of all.

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Cancer wants to feel someone out emotionally, and Gemini hovers more in the mental realm. When the natural flirty Gemini nature comes out, Cancer gets frightfully jealous, and brooding ensues.

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This pairing works when other complementary signs bridge the gap. In general, Cancer helps Gemini get in touch with his or her sensual and emotional side. Gemini's detached vision can lift Cancer up out of subjective swamps and help him or her gain perspective. Together they're astute people-watchers and can share notes on the nuances of body language and speech patterns—and especially what's not said.

They've got the full spectrum covered and would make a great writing duo for dramedies.

If You’re One Of These Signs, You Need To Date A Gemini

When Cancer accepts and learns to trust the free-flying Gemini nature, and when Gemini shows the wisdom to tread lightly on the crab's feelings, things can work out. Cancer can find it freeing to bounce around perspectives, with Gemini taking things less personally. Cancers can be lost in their own subjective world, and Geminis have the detachment to help them see and laugh at themselves.

Cancer shows Gemini that it's OK to feel deeply and be vulnerable. A good sign of enduring love here is if the sound of laughter follows them wherever they go. With love and some evolution, this union becomes like a seabird—there's high flying punctuated by plunges into oceanic depths.

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The key is learning to be gentle with the other when one is not "in his or her element. Upside: Love to laugh; an eye and ear for the absurd; childlike, playful; both changeable; close on Zodiac wheel ; family sibling oriented; friendship cultivators; entertainers and party hosts; curious about people.

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Downside: Erratic moods, unstable emotional lives, hot and cold and everything in between , aloof Cancer vs. Updated September 13, Continue Reading. Gemini is always thinking ahead and Cancer is quietly supporting these ideas behind the scenes.

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