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The planet Uranus is part of what we call the outer planets. These planets include Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. In astrology, Uranus is an eccentric planet that rules over the future-forward zodiac sign, Aquarius.
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Did you know that planets characterize you more than your sign ?

The planets in astrology the planet Uranus the planet Uranus dignitie: Aquarius exaltation: Scorpio. Did you know that planets characterize you more than your sign? For astrologers, typologies aren't characterized by the solar sign but by one or several planets that are called "dominant". For example if in your birth chart Mars is the most important planet because of its extremely important position and its aspects to luminaries or angular houses , Mars will be your dominant planet. This characteristic doesn't necessarily depend on your solar sign. That same solar sign is another element amongst others in the determination of the dominant planet.

Consequently we can be "Martian" without being an Aries or a Scorpio Mars is connected to those two signs. We can then say that we can have the personality of an Aries which means being typically "Martian" even though we were born in another sign! We can find out about planetary dominants thanks to an astrological study of your birth chart.

Natal Report Your personality based on the analysis of your natal chart. Synastry The comparative analysis of both charts in your relationship.

Planet Meanings and Symbols in Astrology & Zodiac Charts

Forecasts Transits Your astrology forecasts dated from the analysis of your planetary transits. Solar return Your annual astrology forecasts from the analysis of birthday and natal charts. It's also about our non conformism, our connection to freedom with a slight tendency to rebellion.

Untangling Astrology's Symbols: Pluto and Scorpio, Neptune and Pisces

As we all learned long ago, Martin Luther was the sixteenth century German monk and Professor of Theology at Wittenberg. He publically objected to some of the practices and supporting theology of the Catholic Church. Aided by German princes and a population resentful of their money bankrolling the Italian Renaissance, Luther launched the Protestant Reformation. Both Moon and Mercury are in fire signs, Moon in Aries in the 9th House of Religion, conjunct the Lot of Fortune would give him impulsiveness and a pioneering instinct even within a traditional religious environment.

At different times of his life he had to respond quickly to changing circumstances and his instincts were often correct. Prepared by a difficult upbringing and his devotion to Christian doctrine, Luther probed the basic meanings of doctrine and applied it to his life and it helped him change from a highly neurotic young adult to somebody who could open up new ways of living for others.

Luther had plenty of Scorpio that manifested in other features of his life and work. One can look at his early years of gradually putting together his objections to Catholic doctrine that would later spring forward as a completely worked-out alternative to the Catholic tradition.

Once he entered public life as a critic of the Church he pursued his purpose with focus and courage, only gradually making the transition from loyal advocate of reform to religious revolutionary. Pluto is different. Symbolically, the gas giants successively expand the horizons of life, taking us from the conventional toward the metaphysical, from the personal toward the transpersonal.

Along with Pluto, the gas giants relate to larger historical and generational trends. Jupiter, the greater benefic and the gas giant closest to us with the swiftest orbit, is the most familiar of the four. Jupiter enlarges life from the personal to the community or tribal, or from the local or tribal to the national or global. Some people of the nature of Jupiter are inclined toward religion and philosophy as way to connect with larger truths but this occurs within given social or cultural contexts.

Jupiter is a good citizen, operates within a framework of convention, and is often the planet for increasing wealth not Venus and community. As the planet of melancholy and also that of contemplation, Saturn at its best forces us away from self-absorption and complacency, from procrastination and comfort. As the first of the invisible planets Uranus is an outlier, the planet of genius, intuition, the higher mind that thinks broadly. Uranus takes us beyond expectation and forces us to leave old assumptions behind. Uranus allows us to glimpse the transformative quality of the present moment, even if we cannot stay with the present moment for more than half a minute.

We finally arrive at Neptune.

The Planet Uranus in Astrology

This opening can bring us closer to divinity, can bestow upon us the ability to imagine and enact alternatives, but may also seduce us into dissociation, denial and dreamy illusion, avoidance fantasy and paranoia. Those with prominent Neptune can be idealistic, visionary, and sometimes unbelievably misguided or degraded. Astrologically what makes for a prominent Neptune?

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As with Pluto, contacts made to angles and faster-moving personal planets reveal the facets of life that may be influenced by Neptune, for better or worse. Things fall apart. Pisces is a sign and not a planet and is on a different order of reality from Neptune.

Because Pisces is a sign of the zodiac, its influence is primarily worldly, not otherworldly. Unfortunately, most modern descriptions of Pisces have become saturated with the symbolism of Neptune and have become distorted. Thus, they sincerely want to initiate healing and relief. Mutable signs are less inclined to start things, waver when perseverance is called for, but is greatly adaptable to changing circumstances. When we add the element water to the fixed mode, we add emotional impressionability and sensitivity to inner world of oneself and those of others. Water and mutability together disclose the illusory quality of our lives and life in general, yet this does not have to become otherworldly.

Like Gemini but in a less playful manner, Pisces assumes many disguises and phases, revealing itself differently in different situations, often being mysterious to oneself. Pisces is capable of immersing oneself into an environment completely — and then into another one later. This is sometimes a virtue and sometimes a failing. Watery Pisces opposes the earth and mutable sign Virgo that focuses on concrete situations and practical outcomes; Gemini and Sagittarius, signs that are more conscious and intentional and mental, both square Pisces. As the water sign of the mutable cross, Pisces has more emotional sensitivity and perceptual depth but sometimes lacks accountability and productivity.

As Mars differs between its masculine presentation in Aries and feminine presentation in Scorpio, the domicile ruler of Pisces, feminine Jupiter , differs from masculine Jupiter the Sagittarian. Feminine Jupiter is less ideological and righteous, more inclined toward changing perceptions and viewpoints and more aware of the hypocrisies of applied concept.

This creates for Pisces a personal and sympathetic attitude based on feeling and intuition without the fantasy of saving the world or converting others to its own form of being right. The protagonist has run away from an abusive environment and has joined forces with the runaway slave Jim on a river raft.

Huckleberry Finn knew from an early age that harboring runaway slaves was illegal and immoral, yet with him was a human being with whom he had a personal connection.

Additionally he was a pretty good musician. Two birth times are given for Leonardo, and one for PM that gives Neptune conjunct the Midheaven degree. For better and for worse he exhibited many of the qualities of that sign. Leonardo also demonstrated the less- admired qualities of mutable water — he was notoriously negligent with his commissioned works, often moving away from a promised work once he solved its problems and lost interest. His penchant for trying things in many different areas left much work incomplete.

This has the feel of his Pisces Moon. Yet in many ways — as that of a military engineer, for example — Leonardo was a practical person.

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Looking again at his Pisces Moon, we notice that it is in antiscia to a dignified Saturn symmetrical to the Cancer-Capricorn axis. The next Piscean individual is exemplary but in different ways. Here is his chart anyway.

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This means we focus on Mercury, the planet of words and ideas and messages. These are strong influences but would be shallow if not for the essential condition of his Mercury placement. The pieces now fall into place. Jupiter especially with its contra-antiscion relationship with Venus had a great deal of personal sensitivity to go along with his articulation of national purpose, one that he arrived at not as a firm set of beliefs but as an evolving understanding.


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Lincoln was not a religious man but he used the prevailing Christian religion to derive comfort and communicate meaning from the national calamity over which he presided. He was able to extend his own personal suffering his own bouts of depression, loss of a son in the war, a wife with mental illness to others and to the nation as a whole, even to the other side of the Civil War, the Confederacy. For Martin Luther, Leonardo da Vinci and for Abraham Lincoln, if we merge the significations of zodiacal signs with outer planets we miss the impact of outer planets aspecting inner planets and the further information from inner planets when placed in the signs Scorpio or Pisces.

That way we can get the most out of both outer planet and zodiacal sign placements. It is unfortunate that introductory astrology books, websites, and planet delineations continue to use these correspondences from the Twelve-Letter Alphabet and rulerships by outer planets that do not hold up to close examination. This makes it difficult to apply astrology to ordinary life situations of ordinary people and runs the danger of reducing the range of astrological delineation to psychological and spiritual or pseudo-spiritual dimensions alone.

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